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The World Bank Treasury announced the addition of two new members, Morocco and Ukraine, to the Government Debt and Risk Management (GDRM) program. The GDRM Program is a World Bank Treasury initiative sponsored by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs-SECO that provides assistance to middle-income countries

(MICs) to improve macroeconomic and fiscal management by reducing vulnerability to financial and other shocks.

The GDRM Program, which brings a tailored approach to each country’s priorities, provides expert advisory services to improve the quality of government debt and risk portfolio, including institutional strengthening and technical capacity development. The program is uniquely designed to support MICs from diagnostic work, to reform plans through implementation.


The GDRM Program, established in 2011 with three countries, with the addition of Morocco and Ukraine will now be serving 14 countries. Other participating countries include Albania, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Macedonia, Peru, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, and Vietnam.